The painting was inspired by the title of the famous book by the philosopher Peter Popper. The painting portrays the 19th move of the 5th game of the Final in the 2004 Chess World Championship. We can see the black (Kramnyik’s) pieces. The moves of the champion (Péter Lékó) – playing with the white pieces- cannot be seen. The chess table is a symbol. The moves of the loser- the black pieces- represent the inevitable self-defeat of mankind in the chess game of life, opposing a Force, which can’t be defeated, or grasped. Megalomaniac dictators, religious and ethnic differences, false accusations and reasons for war, or committing inhuman crimes in the name of humanitarian interventions, such ungodliness. The progress of mankind is serving destruction; the 20th century is a good example, where the technical developments were the means of meaningless wars, cruel massacres. We will lose eventually, the question is when. „ It was very important for me to create a rigid, disciplined, monochrome picture, to produce an effect contradicting its content. I was looking for a game of chess which has a kind of symmetrical discipline, and the symbolic number ten appears.” Queen d8: 6th Aug, 1945: The American airplane, called Enola Gay drops the first atom bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. The bomb was named ‘Little boy’. Rook e8: Dec, 1937: 300000 people were killed and 20000 women raped in Nanking, China by Japanese soldiers. King g8: The Jews had to wear this star during the Nazi regime. Rook a7: 21800 Polish soldiers and civilians were killed by the NKDV in 1940, in Katyn. Although the manslaughter was ordered by Stalin, the Soviet Union denied it and blamed the Nazis. In 1992 the files turned up. Pawn f7: 22nd Apr, 1915 – I. World War: The first German poison gas attack at Ypern. The Germans placed 170 tons of gas at the frontiers. After that the gas became a common chemical weapon. Pawn g7: Sarajevo, 1993: It was the biggest war in our time in Southern Europe: the nationalities, that used to form one country, massacred each other. One of the mementos of this war was the Olympic Stadium in Sarajevo, which functioned as a cemetery at the time. Pawn h7: 19 was the average age of the soldiers killed in the Vietnam War. Bishop b6: Sudan- Darfur:  Since 2003 armed militias kill civilians – 400000 is the estimated number of the dead. The manslaughter is similar to the one in Ruanda, in 1994. Pawn d5: Osama bin Laden started his war in the name of Islam. Bishop h5: Iraq: The USA admitted not to have found evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.