Adele Frank Art&Design


is an exclusive premium brand of high quality and creativity, which was founded  by fashion designer and artist Adel Frank. Her WORKs are for those who are fascinated by the artistic combination of tradition and modernity, cultural heritage and innovation. Her clothes are a mixture of elegant and extravagant elements, full of contemporary and historical references combined with sophisticated craftsmanship.

Her ICONIC pieces, like the end of the XIX century “Cul the Paris” inspired crumpled sewing technique formal dresses, the yin-yang buttoned coats, the jewelry made of  canvas, oil and metal, or the leather jackets inspired by extravagant sport cars all tell the story of her passionate, unique vision. As a result of her environmentally conscious thinking, the COLLECTIONs are meant for years, creating value and comfort at the same time. While her personalized, TAILOR-MADE dresses give the wearer the benefits of millimeter accuracy.


The designer has had nearly 50 FASHION SHOWs and exhibitions (2 Retrospective 2013, 2022) in recent years in Paris, London, Moscow, Budapest and in her hometown Pécs, which is famous for its craft industry. The venues of these events were embassies, fashion fairs, museums, renowned galleries, and beautiful squares. In addition to the models, the collections were showcased by actors, ballet dancers, drag queens balancing between “Chic and Shock”, “Prestige and Provocation” in a nonconformist way.