Adele Frank: Introducing Mary Bride

Murder in Three Acts

Adele Frank is a well-known Hungarian fashion designer and artist. Her designs have been exhibited both in Hungary and abroad (London, Paris, Moscow). Besides working as a designer, she does painting and is a member of Mensa. She has a passion for good detective novels, film noirs and Hitchcock movies.
Introducing Mary Bride is her first novel.

Mary Bride cover

Mrs Filington, the lady of an elegant country mansion, is famous for her unbearable nature. There is such a rapid turnover of staff in her Manor that she is forced to recruit a housekeeper from further afield. Mary, the new employee, arrives from London: a young, introverted and hard-working girl who is confident that she will be able to put up with Mrs Filington’s impossible character. But not even Mary could prepare herself for what awaits her in the Manor.

Introducing Mary Bride is a detective novel full of twists and mystery, which, following in the footsteps of classic English predecessors, captivates the reader from the first word until the last.

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Excerpt from the book

This must be the drawing room, she thought as she set her eyes on her new employer.
Mrs. Filington was lying on a divan, with a cold compress half askew on her forehead; she was resting her small, hand adorned with a beautiful diamond ring in Jonathan’s palm.
Jonathan was kneeling in front of the divan and with a cynical smile whispering something into Mrs. Filington’s ear.
“Oh, is that her?”
What a scarecrow, came the involuntary condescending thought. What on earth is she wearing?
As the scarecrow came nearer, Mrs. Filington’s fleeting good mood fizzled out completely.
Mary’s alabaster skin and big grey-blue eyes were gleaming in the soft early autumn light seeping here and there through the thick brocade curtain. The heavy clothes did nothing to conceal Mary’s thin but proportionate figure.
Mrs. Filington struggled to hide her growing antipathy.

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